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The new Kühligel®

By mounting an axial fan, the effectiveness of the new Kühligel® can be increased considerably.
passive cooling solutions require a lot of space. They are heavy and expensive. For active cooling with ALUTRONIC Powerblocs and fans by SEPA Europe however, the new Kühligel are not only relatively small and light but also inexpensive.



Thanks to thorough Design and testing, SEPA Europe was able to develop with ALUTRONIC Powerblocs a heat sink that enables fan mounting without extensive metal work using conventional screws. The choice of the suitable fan (size, sleeve or ball bearings, 5, 12, or 24 VDC, tacho, connector) enables the best possible combination that is required for the application in question. The fans in use have a MTBF of up to 350000h (40°C) and thus meet the highest requirements.


You can find more detailed information about our Pin heat sink systems here!


SEPA Europe and ALUTRONIC specializes in customized ideas for these type of cooling solutions.

Contact us, we are happy to help out!