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This is a Space Efficient Cooling Solution

Alutronic Powerblocs  in combination with SEPA radial fans achieve a thermal resistance of a mere 0.95 KW at a sensational 10 mm total height of the heat sink.


In many applications with high-performance FPGAs power dissipation occurs (>30W) but yet there is very little space above the chip to ensure adequate cooling. The existing space must therefore be used as effectively as possible. In this case pin heat sinks, known as Powerblocs at Alutronic and as Kühligel® in combination  with SEPA fans come in handy. They are only 10 mm high together with a radial fan and provide a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.


The distinguishing features of the powerblocs -or Kühligel®- are its low production costs and high effectiveness. The fan is supplied with a tacho, PWM input and the long-lasting Magfix bearing technology. The pin heat sinks can be adapted in all parameters (size, pin space, thickness of the base plate, height of the pins) whereby it is important to reach the right compromise between the longest possible pins and a base plate that is not too thin. The base plate not only acts as a support for the pins and should therefore not bend easily, but it is also the heat spreader that draws the heat into the surface and thus distributes it over a wide area. In other words: the larger the surface, the better the cooling effect.


Alutronic specializes in customized ideas for these type of cooling solutions.

Contact us, we are happy to help out!