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product features

Width [mm] 140
Height [mm] 120
Capacity for power dissipation 400 W
Length [mm] 293
Minimum thermal resistance 0,1 K/W

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product information "LK30/200/A"

Cooling units for high power serie LK have been developed for forced cooling with
reasonable fans.
Caused by new lamella design now an optimal relation of the material to distributed load
performance is possible; independent of the technical limits for extrusions.
For mounting semiconductors modules there are two mounting surfaces.

The technical data refer to one flat milled surface by distributed load and free blowing operation.
For double side device mounting the other side can also be milled flat.
For corrosion protection all aluminium elements are chromated (RoHS-conformm).

Height and breadth of the lamella cooled units are in accordance to the commercial fans.
The length can be varried in the limit given by the air volume of the fan.
The shown standard versions have been optimated by computer calculations with the fan data.
Special design, adapted to your construction data, is possible.
Test samples can be made in short time. Also a computer supported calculation is possible
by an adequate requirement.

Technical data:
- Dissipated power PV at D J = 40 K: 400 W
- Maximum thermal resistance Rth max.: 0,1 K/W
- Minimum thermal resistance Rth min.: 0,07 K/W
- Air temperature rise at J U = 35°C: 0,03 K/W
- Material of cooled unit: AlMgSi 0,5 F 22
- Finish: CR (chromate, RoHs-conform)
- Mounting surface: milled flat (Rz max. 10µm)
- Weight with fan: 4200 g
- Weight without fan: 3530 g
Mounting and operating instructions
The safety regulations in accordance with the laws pertaining to working equipment
should be observed. Single-phase motors can only be operated with permitted capacitor.
The legal requirements for motor and earth lead connection should be observed.