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product features

For device: TO 218|TOP 3
Dielectriccoefficient 9,1 at 1MHz
Minimum thermal resistance 0,5 K/W
Thickness [mm] 3
Device mounted by: Screw On
Material Aluminiumoxid
Electrical insulating 30 kV

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product information "AO480"

Aluminium-oxide -wafers facilitate insulated mounting of semiconductors within high voltage ranges.
In spit of high dielectric strength, a good heat conductivity i.e. from the semiconductor to the heatsink is given.
- Dielectric strength: ca. 10 KV/mm
- Dielectric loss tangent: 10^-4 (for 1MHz)
- Dielectric constant: 9,1 (for 1 MHz)
- Resistance: 10^14 Ohm x cm
- Density: 3,9 g / cm3
- Purity: 96 %
- Thermal resistance (Rth): 0,5 K/W (TO3)