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product features

For device: TO 3
Dielectriccoefficient 2,56 at 1MHz
Minimum thermal resistance 0,33 K/W
Thickness [mm] 0,18
Device mounted by: Screw On
Material Silicon w. Glasfibre
Electrical insulating 2,5 kV

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product information "SI480"

Glass fibre reinforced silicone foil in combination with insulating bushes facilitate insulated mounting of semiconductors e.g. on heatsinks. They are highly flexible and ensure optimal heat conductivity even without using thermal compounds.

- Colour: grey
- Hardness: (Test ASTM D 2240) 85 Shore A
- Elongation: (Test ASTM D 412) 2%
- Tolerance: +/- 0,02 mm
- Temperatur range: -60 / +200 °C
- Thermal Conductivity: 0,9 W / mK
- UL listed
- Thickness: 0,18 mm
- Rth: 0,33 K/W
- Dielectric strength: app. 4 KV
- Dielectric constant: 2,56 (at 10^6 Hz)