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Surface refinement

Alutronic Anodising: protection and finishing

Improved heat dissipation, increased surface protection and better electrical insulation and decorative finish are all benefits of anodic coating to your components.


At the Alutronic Anodising plant we meet extreme demands when it comes to industrial safety, environmental protection and quali.


This is achieved with the help of an exceptionally qualified team and state-of-the-art technology.

With twenty years experience in the anodising industry, we possess:


  • Fully automatic anodising lines
  • Ultra-modern water recycling systems
  • Own frame construction equipment


We offer:


  • Anodising up to a maximum length of 1,700 mm
  • Anodising thicknesses up to 25 microns
  • RoHS-compliant chromating
  • In-house production and contract anodising


Since 1989, Alutronic Anodising has delivered total quality and one hundred percent human health and surface waters protection. We are exceptionally proud of this achievement.



Thomas Lauff, head of our anodizing plant is happy to assist you!


Call:  0049-2353-12896

Or E-mail: